Shrimp Fritters



I have never had fritter before. There are many different kinds out there like apple, banana, corn..etc. So when I found this recipe in RasaMalaysia blog whom I have been stalking for a while now, I knew I had to try it. Her version included bean sprouts but since I am not a fan of it I decided to substitute sweet potato instead. It turned out to be a great idea, the crunchiness of the shrimp and the sweetness of the potato, it was the perfect marriage. Likewise you can also add whatever vegetables you like and it will be just as good. I might try it with zucchini next time.

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Happy Bday Yum Yum Blog

Congrats to my blog turning 1 year old today.  Wow how fast does time fly.  Seems like it was just yesterday when I posted my first blog.  There are lots of things that i have learned about the blogging world over this one year.  Here are the top 5 things I have learned and hopefully more in the coming years.

1.  Things can only get better.  As i look back at my old posts, sometimes i cringe.  Its only been a short amount of time and i can feel that my pictures and recipes are getting more creative and more variety.

2. Photos make a big difference. A picture can speak a thousand words. I am slowly learning how to work my slr camera. I have figured out that natural lighting is the best. It beats the light box or external flash hands down.

3. Not everyday is a good day. Some recipes will turn out better than others. Some days by the time I am finished cooking the last thing on my mind is taking pictures. I am either so exhausted or that its dark outside and the pictures turn out less than perfect.

4. Always do grammar and spell check. Lets admit it, I am not a professional writer, nor do I wish to make that my career. Being English is my second language, sometimes I have a hard time getting my points across. Also blogging when my brain is not feeling like mush after work or late at night is a good idea 🙂 So please don’t judge me…too much.

5. The food blogosphere is HUGE. I guess somehow it never hit me before I started blogging. Comments from readers have left me are really nice and encouraging that makes all my hard work worth while. I am surprised that my blog has lasted this long. Thanks to those who frequent my blog and here’s to the future and learning as I go!

I do have another announcement to make….my blog is getting a new facelift! I am super excited, its going to be lighter, brighter and many more new recipes to come. So please stay tuned!!

Portuguese Egg Tart


Everybody loves egg tarts and I am no exception. I would always love to get these whenever we go to dim sum but their egg tarts always lack the filling which are my favorite part. The last time I had these lovely golden nuggets are when I was in Shanghai. I got these from a little hole in the wall bakery and they were divine! The best egg tarts ever and they were still good 5 hours later. I was determined to make these when I come back to the states but was discouraged by the fact that puff pastries are difficult to master. After all, pastries wasn’t something that I have made before but would like to master in the near future. What I like about making egg tarts is that its very versatile. You can buy ready made pastry sheets for some quick egg tart snacks or you can take on the challenge and make the puff pastry yourself. Regardless of whichever method, the end result is nothing short of heaven in a bite. Now, before I leave you with the recipe I urge you to try making puff pastry. I heard its very therapeutic and fun. I will post the recipe for the pastry and my experience with them later. So stay tuned.

Here is the recipe for the egg custard.

For the shell, I “cheated”…yes I said the C word.  I used Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets.

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Fun Fooding In Austin

For the 4th of July weekend which is also Bff’s birthday, the birthday girl decided to forgo the usual group dinner with more food than all of us can eat and our rendition of the birthday song, cake and blowing out candles. We decided to go on a fooding trip to Austin, the next big fooding town in Texas other than Houston, maybe even better than Houston.

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My New Love Affair

Over the years, bread and I have grown close together.  So close that i decided to invest in a bread machine.  I haven’t stopped baking bread in this wonderful contraption since.  My fresh baked baguette came out wonderfully in this machine.   Prior to this, my bread was never good enough to eat and my standards for bread are pretty high haha.  The dough would never rise correctly, bread would taste and smell “doughy” no matter how many different recipes i would try.  So I applause those of you that still bake bread by hand.  The baguette was so good that i could literally eat it all in once sitting.  However not good for the waistline though haha.  You see bread is one those “dangerous friends” that your mother warned you about.  Bread is the friend that is oh so fun and tasty to be around..but in moderation.  But once you spend too much time with “that friend” you will notice your decision making skills and will power goes out the window.  Bread loves to encourage you to make bad decisions like to eat more and more..and more and yet you can never say no.  And since you have already had more than your limit for the more wont hurt.  But once you say no, you will feel bad for turning down this friend that you will come up with reasons and and excuses to spend more time with this friend.  Soon you will spend too much time with your friend, maybe a week and suddenly your pants are a little too tight.  Maybe its not a bad idea to listen to your mother after all.

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My Version of Authentic Bolognese Ragu

Lately the weather has been soo scorching hot that I find myself wishing to be anywhere else but here. To help ease the pain, I went through some old photos of my favorite places that I have traveled to, Italy. The food, the scenery, the culture, everything is just so amazing there. 

I remembered one of the pasta dishes that I tried in Florence, it was so good, unlike anything I have tasted in the States. I later found out it was Ragu alla Bolognese sauce. Thinking about makes my mouth water haha.  So I decided since I cant be there, why not recreate it at home. Or at least try to. I eat it, I analyze it, and I try to replicate it.

Bolognese, as the name suggests, originates from Bologna, the capital of Emilia-Romagna, a northern region of Italy that is home to rich Italian food such as ragu and egg pastas. Bolognese is a classic of the Emilia-Romangna region and like any classic, every cook had their rules on how to make and how not to make it. However there are a few ground rules that are pretty universal and required to make this type of sauce: 1) the sauce should have more than one kind of meat and 2) there needs to be tomatoes involved 3) recipe must contain onions, celery, carrots, pancetta, milk and wine. Regardless of the variations of  ingredients, almost all good recipes will require a long cooking time. I don’t think there is such a thing as quick bolognese. The results will make it worthwhile.


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Thai Chicken/Beef Satay


I have to admit I dont make Thai enough often enough even though its one of my favorite asian food.  The flavors seem so intricate and one of my problems is trying to find the right ingredients that make the food taste authentic. So I just end up passing on the recipe.   We have amazing Thai restaurants in town and trying to emulate their food is very difficult…and probably more expensive than just ordering from them. Before i try a more difficult recipe such as Pad Thai, I decided to try something more moderate instead and ease my way up. I dont usually get Thai skewers too often at the restaurants because I am busy trying other more complex dishes that I know for sure I can not replicate at home haha. This was a fairly easy recipe and the peanut sauce was also very good, I was very surprise.  However its not the most authentic recipe but I will definately make it again or serve at the next party. 

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This is my first post after a short time hiatus.  Sorry to my fellow readers, I have have been MIA in the blogging world but I was still baking and taking pictures of my food.   I have been cooking/baking nonstop so my to blog list is growing very long.  It seems like I can never make something without having the urge to photography and bog about it later.  I will never be able to catch up at this rate haha.  I will definitely try even if I have to cut down my baking or cooking to 2 to 3 times per week.  Sorry hubby 🙂  Since this is my first post after about a month and a half, I decided to update one of my favorite recipes that I made, Porchetta.  I created an asian inspired porchetta that taste very similar to vietnamese roasted pig called heo quay.  The meat is marinated in various spices such as chinese five spices, garlic, pepper, ginger.  Then it is let to dry in the fridge overnight so during baking the skin will get crispy and crackly like pork rinds.  We serve roasted pig on special occasions only but now I can have it anytime. 

Hubby devoured the crispy and crackly skin with a quickness. The meat was even and perfectly flavored.  Just thinking about it makes me drool haha. It is especially good with a french baguette, cucumbers, pickled carrots. Try it! I am sure it will pass your taste buds with flying colors.

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Spring Break: Destin Beach Florida

Today is our last day at the beach and in Florida.  The boys left early in the morning to do deep sea fishing.  This is the first time hubby did any kind of fishing so he’s is very excited.  But we all all hoping that he would catch some big fish so we can have something to bring home haha. 

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Spring Break: Destin Beach, Florida

After  about 6 hours of driving from Orlando to Destin, we were so happy to see the beach.  Kick back and relax.  The weather was very nice, cool but with the right amount of sunlight.  Perfect weather for tanning.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t tan very easy.  However, the kids loved playing in the sand.

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