Choo Choo For Sushi Train

Choo Choo Sushi 7The best thing I like about Sushi Choo Choo is that you can get your sushi fix and be  in and out of the place really quick.  These restaurants are everywhere in Japan which i hope one day to try.  Once you are seated, the the sushi comes out on a conveyor belt and you just grab whatever  suits your taste.  And they created a system where its very easy to keep track of your tab.  Eat color plate correspond to a different price written on it.  They also have a la carte too if nothing on the conveyor belt tickles your fancy haha.  The miso soup is also an order item.  I dont eat sashimi so cant really comment on the freshness of the fish.  However if you are a sushi lover beware, there are not too many varieties of different rolls and sashimi.  They have more types of sushi for people “who dont like sushi” as well as a couple of different sashimi.  I think this is one of those places where you either like it or you dont.  I like this place when i want sushi but dont want to spend more than $25 per person.  However, if its for a special occassion, i would skip it.

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Wow this whole day seems very productive..nothing but eating haha.  Went to the farmer’s market in the morning for macaroons with bff and then a birthday dinner with friends.  This is my second at Miyako and I am glad I have a chance to blog about it this time as their menu are quite extensive.  Miyako is a little on the pricey side but they have a special $7 sushi menu that made it very affordable and a very good deal.  We had a party of about 15 people so we got our own little section in the restaurant.  The good thing about eating in big groups is that you can order alot and share the dishes so you that gives you a chance to sample many items on their menu.  I have never been a big fan of sashimi so most of the sushi I ordered are maki, cooked sushi rolls.  Maybe its a texture thing but eating a raw piece of fish does not sound very appetizing to me regardless of how fresh it is.  And raw fish does not taste like “chicken”.  Here are some of the sushi that we ordered that night ranking from my most to least favorite.

Miyako 2


I always order the the shaggy dog roll at every japanese restaurant.  Its like my japanese comfort food, I know what it taste like and I know its good.  Its hard to go wrong with a shaggy dog roll, there’s shrimp tempura and avocado inside toped with crab meat and drizzled with mayo and spicy sauce.

favorite combined


The one on the left is Fried Oyster roll with avacodo and a sweet sauce, it was super yummy!  The outside is lightly fried and crispy so it was very refreshing.  Sometimes the rolls tend to have a mushy taste probably due to too much rice or avocado.  However this one is just perfect.  I am sucker for textural food.  It brings on the gag reflex.  The one on the right is a Crunchy Maki, love the tempura flakes.  I will definately order it again.

least favorite combined


Now my least favorite and I will probably never order again.  We ordered a Cajun Maki and Tiger Eye Maki.  I have never had chicken in a maki roll before so we decided to order it.  The chicken was very overpowering, that all you can taste in the roll.   Plus the semi-spicey cream sauce on top did not mix well with the chicken.  Definately not one of my favorite.  The Tiger Eye was not too bad with cream cheese, fried jalapeno and smoked salmon.  However the goma soybean paper did not have any taste.

dessert combined


Now my favorite part of a meal…dessert!  How in this case.  The fried ice cream was very blahhh.  The dough on the outside was not crispy, it was very soft and tasted very doughy.  I think this ruined it for me for all future fried ice cream.  The red velvet cake was typical, nothing to rave about.  I would go back to Miyako as long as they still have the $7 sushi menu, otherwise there are cheaper and better sushi joint in town.

3 out of 5 Yum

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